Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Indian Bank to deploy e-ticket kiosk and portable ATM centres at railway stations to tap new customers

Indian bank is expanding its reach across the country. It has partnered with NCR Corporation, is a technology company specializing in products for the retail and financial sectors, for launching its first e- ticket kiosk and portable ATM centre. NCR Corporation is engaged in designing and deploying portable ATM centers for many Indian banks.

According to a statement with the installation of the ATM at the Egmore Railway Station in Chennai will mark the Indian bank's 500th ATM operation.

It further stated that the banks are trying to expand their networks to the unbanked rural sectors and millions of individuals commute by trains, NCR will install and deploy its Personas ATMs at 156 locations identified by Indian Bank on a turnkey basis, of which 51 units will be deployed at railway stations.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Bank M.S. Sundara Rajan, said.

"We have been the pioneers in bringing the best banking technology in India and this unique deployment of e-ticketing kiosk and portable ATM centre at a railway station is yet another step in this direction."

The portable ATM centre, has been identified as a preferred option by banks in India which make sure faster roll-outs and can be deployed at any unconventional location to support the objective of 'Inclusion Banking', and this will also help in expanding reach and tapping new customers

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