Friday, July 1, 2011

Bank strike rescheduled for August 5

The shifting of the Parliament session has affected the schedule of the strike of the bank employees that was to be observed on July 7 but now it has been shifted to 5th August.

The General Secretary of All India Bank Employee Association, Mr. C.H. Venkatachalam said “When there is a bank strike during Parliament session it will be debated as many issues relate to the Government.”

AIBEA is a very huge Union that consists of 5 lakh bank employees from 25 Public sector banks, 11 private sector banks and 8 foreign banks.

Mr. Venkatachalam also said “If our strike does not yield results, we will intensify our agitation by having repeated and continuous strikes.”

The bank employees are demanding no privatization of public sector banks, non merger of banks and ban on outsourcing.

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