Friday, February 26, 2010

Karnataka Bank launched four new products & opened 10 ATMs

Karnataka Bank, Mangalore based private sector bank has expanded its services by adding four new products. The bank has launched student prepaid cards, mobile banking (mobile payment solutions), online payment through debit card and moneyplant international debit card.

Bank has also expanded its ATM network by opening 10 new ATMs across the country.

The statement released by the bank stated the student prepaid card can be reloaded and can be used all over the world where Visa cards are accepted. The card will be available in amounts ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 45,000.

People who have account in the bank can purchase the card for their children and in turn, students can use the card to meet their periodic requirements of funds for their academic purposes like tuition fees, hostel fees and other expenditure.

On card bank has set a daily limit of Rs 25,000 for the use at merchant locations and cash withdrawal limit of Rs 15,000 from ATMs.

To offer mobile banking service to the customers’ bank has tied up with Paymate India Pvt Ltd. Using mobile phone the customers will be able to make the payments for goods purchased, payment of utility bills among others.

After getting registered for mobile payment solution, the customers will be able to make secured payments directly from their registered mobile phone, authorized by using their ATM PIN.

Bank customers can make online payment using their debit card enabling them to do online transactions. Bank is offering Money Plant International Gold Debit Card with a daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs 25,000 and a daily purchase limit of Rs 100,000.

Bank has also opened 10 new ATMs taking the total number of ATM to 214.


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