Monday, January 18, 2010

Dhanlaxmi Bank revolutionized its look, launched new logo

Dhanalakshmi Bank, 82-year old lender one of the rising private sector bank of the country disclosed its new corporate identity by launching a new logo and its name spelt as 'Dhanlaxmi’.

In a press release the Kerala-based bank stated the new identity projects a modern, vibrant and contemporary look while the core values of trust and heritage built by the bank in all those years have been maintained.

In the New Logo fresh purple color has been used which indicates ‘Wealth’ and ‘Prosperity’ and has been designed in such a way to differentiate the brand from the clutter of financial services brands. The Bank’s name has not been changed but it will be spelled as ‘Dhanlaxmi’.

The bank has also added ‘established 1927’ as an integral part of its new identity to build on eight decades of its rich heritage and trust.

It has build up a high growth strategy, has recently achieved the Rs10,000 crore business mark and exponentially increasing its branch network and ATM’s offering financial services to the new age Indian.

Moreover bank is offering services into new areas of financial services like investment banking and is planning to launch mutual funds and start capital businesses.

Amitabh Chaturvedi, managing director and CEO, Dhanlaxmi Bank said, to establish one of the elite private sector banks in India, revolutionization of brand is the key area of focus.

Bank’s new identity has been designed by FITCH, leading international branding and design consultancy. The company was a simple briefing was done – to create modern design while maintaining the core value of trust.

Sheran Mehra, Head Marketing & Corporate Communication, Dhanlaxmi Bank, said 'The new identity reflects the Bank’s growth aspirations in the context of evolving demographics of the young India. Retaining the brands core strengths and values, the new identity is aligned to attitudinal position of today’s youth -- modern yet rooted in tradition”

David Blair, MD Fitch South Asia said, 'With the passage of time, the context in which a brand operates changes in terms of its customers’ mindsets and values. We are delighted to be associated with Dhanlaxmi Bank at this critical stage in the bank’s history, and are confident that the new identity will continue to appeal to the existing customer base while creating excitement among future customers of all demographics.”

The bank is also focusing on the advertisement part, for this it has appointed O&M as their advertising partner and will be launching its advertising campaign in the next financial year.

As of March 2009, Bank had achieved a total net worth of over Rs400 crore, total deposit worth Rs4,969 crore and advances worth Rs3,245 crore. In the last financial year bank had achieved a profit of Rs 57.45 crore.

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