Thursday, January 29, 2009

SBI to review on rate cuts in ALCO meet

State Bank of India (SBI) Chairman O P Bhatt while indicating at interest cut in the near future notified that although several banks have cut down their rates in the recent past but these have not been done in a uniform way and across the industry.

He informed the reporters, "In the past 2-3-months, there have been some rate cuts by banks but these have not been across the industry and not uniform."

He pointed out there are possibilities that banks might cut rates around March, and added that there is enough liquidity in the system.

When asked about more cut in PLR and other interest rates by SBI, Bhatt pointed out that its "asset-liability committee (ALCO) meets every week" and would look into the matter.

Bhatt further stated, "We will factor in the policy inputs" along with other factors (while taking a decision on its rates).

He stated SBI is amongst the first banks to reduce its prime lending rate (PLR) as also its deposit rates.

He informed, "SBI reduced its deposit rates by 1.50 per cent".

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