Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Banks advised to escalate unresolved complaints from call centers

Being a credit card holder you must have received calls from your banks call centre executive to remind you about your due payments. But if you have any grievances and register your complaint with call centre there is no one to solve your problem. You even don’t know whether you complaint is being forwarded to the bank. As a result you have to go through frustration as you don’t know whom to approach for getting your dispute resolved.

On receiving numerous complaints from cardholders, the Reserve Bank of India has conducted a study of the credit card operations in the country based on the nature of grievances received. Through survey RBI received set of recommendations, based on which the central bank has issued fresh directives to banks on their credit card operations.

RBI has made it mandatory for banks to set up a mechanism so that unresolved complaints are transferred from a call centre to a higher authority.

One of the recommendations made is that banks should have a mechanism to automatically transfer unresolved complaints from a call centre to higher authorities, if intervention of higher authorities is required. RBI has accepted this recommendation and has instructed banks to set up such mechanism and inform the public about this through their websites.

Other suggestions include installation of closed circuit television cameras at all ATMs to establish the identity of the person withdrawing cash. Banks have also been suggested to include security features such as photo credit cards and laminated signatures on them.

RBI has instructed banks to take clear instructions from their customers before sharing their information with other agencies. Banks have to explain the intention for sharing their information sharing. Customers should also be informed that their decision will have any bearing on their credit card application

For providing the protection to the customers from liability in respect of lost cards, the central bank has suggested that banks should introduce group insurance covers that will provide protection against liabilities arising out of lost cards. But, the insurance cover cannot be forced onto cardholders and only those customers who agree to bear the cost of the premium should be provided an appropriate insurance cover in respect of lost cards.

Banks charge higher interest rates from cardholders on account of his payment/default history should be made known to the cardholder. For this purpose, banks have been asked to ensure transparency in levying such differential interest rates and banks should publicize through their website interest rates charged to various categories of customers.

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sudhakar said...

Mr.Surinder Chawla,
Code Compliance Officer,
HDFC Bank Ltd,
NGO, Nungambakkam high road,

CC :

To, To,
Vikku Agarwal, Grievance Redessal Cell,
Branch Manager, HDFC Bank Ltd, Old Building,
Sathya Sadan,No: 17/1 "C" Wing,3rd floor,
Bellandur Gate,Near Trinity Woods, 26-A Narayan Properties,
Sarjapur Main Road,Agara Post, Chandiwali form road,
Bangalore-560034, Karnataka Chandiwali, Andheri(E),
Tel : 080 – 65674418 Mumbai – 72.

Dear Sir,

Sub : Request for release the Holded amount of Rs: 47,000 /- in my SB Account no: 03541610030143 Immediately.As per Your letter, amount of Rs : 47000/- is credited to my Saving Account no: 03541610030143 on 03/10/2008.And it will debit to my account with in 5 days if I did not justify my Claim.

Details :

The amount Rs:47000/-, which was Credited on 03/10/2008.from the account no : 02371530003514 -TPT- & the same date which was credited to the other account no 02771610106938-TPT- (Screenshot attached).

I have no idea about these two transactions and I am not the person who has added ICHANISA (Screenshot attached) the account no my account. I did not logged into the HDFC Bank Website on that time.

When I got an e-mail to my g-mail account informing me about the beneficiary added to my account. On the next second I sent an email to HDFC bank stating that I did not added ICHANISA to My account and please look into this. Then, the same day evening when I checked my account through online, I found there is one credit of Rs:47000/- and one debit of Rs:47000/-. I tought, There might be some mistake in updation. So this transaction has been debited & credited on the same day with in seconds. So, I kept quite.

After a couple of days my online account has been blocked, then ATM has been blocked and then total my account has been blocked. To find out the reason, I called to the customer care Bangalore, spoke with Mr.Srinivas(Customer Care Supervisor), he took 3 days stating that "I will verify with the concerned Bangalore Branch Manager". Again after 3 days I called to srinivas, that time he arranged a conference call with the Vikku Agarwal ,HDFC Bank Manager. The result of the conference call for about one hour is Holding the Rs:47000/- from my account and activating my account and ATM for the remaining amount.

Again 4 days back I called to the customer care srinivas he said I can't do any thing regarding this issue and asked me to contact directly to Vikku Agarwal, When I contacted Vikku Agarwal she said we are investigating and it will take a couple of months. Yester day I Got a letter from Vikku Agarwal (Scanned copy attached),stating that the amount Rs:47000/- will be debited to my account, which was holded by the bank.

For the clarification you can check this with the IP Address from where the log in has occurred to my HDFC Bank Account with out my concern.

So, I am requesting you to please look-in to this matter and release my amount of Rs:47,000/- Immediately along with intrest.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudhakar Bandaru,
MIG-80,1st floor, Sector-1,
MVP Colony,Visakhapatnam-17
Mobile : +91 9963636384