Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 arrested for Rs 27-lakh bank fraud

In Kolkata a promoter, Chiranjeet Saha, along with two others were arrested on Monday on charges of attempting a Rs 27-lakh fraud at a nationalized bank in Salt Lake.

Police told Saha, along with three others, walked into a nationalized bank at BE Block to encash three bank drafts, worth Rs 9 lakh each. While encashing those, bank officials found something suspicious about the drafts as the banks officials were aware that Saha had allegedly been involved in a fraud earlier.

The officials asked Saha and his men to wait while they called up the draft issuing bank branch.

It was then discovered that the said bank did not issued any such draft to Saha and the drafts were found to be forged. Saha also had a nominal sum left in his account.

Saha and the three others were apprehended and police was called. After cross-examination, one of the three was allowed to go while Saha and two others were arrested.

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